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Biofield Tuning

In 2014 when Eileen McKusick’s critically acclaimed book Tuning the Human Biofield was published, this powerful modality began to spread throughout North America and beyond.

As the process was designed and training to become a Biofield Tuning practitioner was offered, the interest exploded. Practitioner training was initially in person and performed by Eileen and her staff.

Eileen and the Vermont based Biofield Tuning team held their first Canadian Foundations course training in Toronto in Summer of 2018, where 4 of the practitioners in this group met. At least for myself, the training was personally transformative. I had purchased the full Practitioners Tool Kit, and quickly found that the tools were easy to use and apply to the therapeutic setting.
Another effect of the Biofield Tuning Practitioner training was that bonds formed with many of the others which have endured throughout my time since then. In the years between my certification and the start of COVID, we planned and attended trade events and spread the word about Biofield Tuning via book sales and performing treatments. Even though our treatments were just a taste of the power of the modality, we converted many people into believers and formed many client relationships at these events.

After our first big group event, I received a mailslot idea (this is mentioned in Eileen’s book) telling me that we had to create an easy to remember place where people that visited the booth could find each practitioner after the event. That way, going into our second event, we could incorporate new practitioners easily into the group and not waste a lot of paper as the group changed when people came and went. We hope to inspire visitors through events again in the future. 

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