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Eileen McKusick of Biofield Tuning has assembled an audio library which supports many common conditions that our clients bring to their sessions. When you buy these audio tracks, you always own them and they’re stored in the cloud for easy access. Some of our favourites, which help everyone struggling to relax and get better sleep, are featured here. Click the link to sign up

Sound Sleep directs the tuning forks to quiet the adrenals and settle the nervous system.

In Deep Relaxation, a one hour Biofield Tuning group audio session, hosted by Certified Practitioner Damla Aktekin, she induces a deeply relaxing, meditative state, rejuvenating your nervous system and invite peace and calm to fill your entire being.  

Sleep Disorders is a series of three one-hour sessions designed to help quiet the mind, settle the adrenals, and open you up to experiencing deep and consistent sleep. Countering the effects of general stress and anxiety is also addressed in this series.

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