Jane Hayes

Free Audio Sessions with Eileen McKusick

Unlock the Power of Healing with Free Audio Sessions from BiofieldTuning.com Are you seeking relief from stress, tinnitus, overwhelm, or looking to enhance your resilience and attract abundance into your life? You’ll be glad to read this, because there are quite a few  Free Available Audio Sessions currently available on BiofieldTuning.com! While we wish it

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30 day Heart Coherence Challenge – April 2024

Join us for this exciting and free 30 day self scheduled program, with optional live events. The purpose of The Challenge is to help you access the healing power of your own heart. Through daily meditations, heart coherence practices, joining an uplifting and interactive community, and including interviews with incredible and inspiring guest speakers, you

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TCCHE Toronto

Join us and a group of like-minded people as we travel through the latest scientific discoveries, then move into the humanities, human potential and metaphysics and finally end on the third day with talks about the future of humanity, the mystical experience and human connection beyond the 5 senses available for You to explore! This

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