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Biofield Tuning in Toronto and Covid-19

Biofield tuning during the current pandemic crisis can help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Now, more than ever before, stress, anxiety, and depression seems widespread across the globe. While most complementary medicine practitioners have been forced to stop practicing during spring 2020 due to Covid-19, Biofield Tuning can be received remotely in your home by our experienced Biofield tuning practitioners

Biofield Tuning

Revolutionary yet gentle, Biofield Tuning leverages the connection between the energetic and physical bodies to harmonize your energetic dissonance. Using a tuning fork, the practitioner scans your body with an ear to areas of dissonance. When the practitioner discovers a change in the fork’s vibration, they focus the tuning fork on that area. The fork’s vibrations tune the body’s biofield to resolve dissonance and restore harmony.

Stress Reduction

Often brought on by emotional conflict, stress can be effectively treated with Biofield Tuning. During a Biofield Tuning treatment, the recipient lies on the treatment table, or if the session is remote – in a comfortable place in their home, and the treatment commences. When the practitioner finds areas of resistance they repeatedly strike the tuning fork and direct the vibrations into that area.This process helps to smooth out the recipient’s biofield, qi, or aura, releasing stress as it goes. The effects are frequently powerful and immediate.  In remote sessions, there is usually a live audio connection between practitioner and client. 

Anxiety and Depression

The memory of past trauma can often get stuck  in a person’s biofield and cause intense disharmony which may lead to anxiety and depression. When the practitioner is scanning a person’s biofield, they may uncover areas of strong dissonance that correlate with a painful experience or unhappy time period in a person’s life. These events from the past that are unresolved often present as anxiety and depression carrying the pain of the trauma into the here and now. 

The Mind-Body Connection

Because the mind and body are one, when we tune the emotional energy, the mind and body both benefit. Biofield Tuning therapy encourages the body’s biofield to return to the steady state it had before the traumatic event or time took place. A powerful healing response, or detox sometimes allows the recipient to release anxiety and depression that had been ruling their lives. This effective tool is akin to biofeedback of the nerves and can be thought of as a beneficial mind-body health hack. Additionally, the healing or resisting intentions of both the recipient and practitioner can have an even more powerful healing effect on the trauma. 

If you’re struggling with stress, anxiety, or depression in this time of upheaval, find a practitioner that can schedule a treatment for you on our website. While we can’t see you in person right now, the good news is remote sessions are equally effective. Contact a practitioner for more information. 

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