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If you’re like me, you probably can’t quite get your head around how remote sessions could work, or more specifically be ‘as good as’ a treatment in the room with the practitioner. That doubt is totally understandable. However there are plenty of examples of processes that work very well when the two people involved are nowhere near each other. 

Many of us have or had parents that could not get rid of that ‘land line’. My parents didn’t believe in the reliability of cell phones and it took them a really long time to even try them. Cellular services have not only become much more affordable, but you can still have great audio quality with people on the other side of the earth despite no physical connection in between. We can express emotions and feel a meaningful connection despite no wire connecting us. Reiki sessions can be performed remotely. I’ve even taken sessions asynchronously, where the practitioner used the words, ‘you can download the session later’, when a time conflict came up and she could not reschedule. She was 100% correct and I felt the same healing relief. 

In our training we learned that intention transcends place and time, so the effects are the same as if the session was live and in person.

During 2020, due to restrictions in gathering, the remote therapeutic session became very popular. This was a very good thing, because many people found themselves struggling. The stress and unknown factors about the future, the inability to be social and live what we’d called our normal lives, and the loss of connections that most of us were feeling made experiences which for many caused depression, anxiety, procrastination, sadness, and often too much time staring at screens. When people turn to social media instead of picking up the phone or speaking face to face, it only gets worse. Some practitioners have carried this forward and only practice this way even today. The benefits of Biofield Tuning treatments are a perfect match for this type of challenge. Many practitioners offer a discounted rate for remote sessions.

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Or head to find a practitioner to contact someone who can treat you remotely!

If you still wonder about the effectiveness, check out the Biofield Tuning Recorded Session Archive. I’ve never listened to one of these sessions when it wasn’t profoundly useful, even when repeated multiple times.

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