Eileen McKusick – Sound Healing

Experience tuning-fork treatments to transmute fear and anxiety

These days, many of us are experiencing more fear, anxiety, frustration, anger, overwhelm, and grief than perhaps we ever have before.

These difficult feelings can become energetically stuck in your body, zapping your life-force energy, and even setting off chain reactions that can cause physical and emotional dis-ease. 

And whatever affects your immune system affects your electric health as well. 

That’s because the life-force energies flowing through and around you — in what sound-therapy pioneer Eileen McKusick calls your biofield — have electromagnetic qualities that become disharmonized when your system is out of balance.

The good news is that sound, in the form of the coherent vibrations and tones of a medical tuning fork, can reduce this dissonance and resistance in your body’s electrical system.

Eileen will help you start to harmonize your emotions and electric health during these trying times — right to your bones, where feelings of fear can embed deeply — in a free video event: Sound Healing toLiberate Fear & Strengthen Immunity: Experience the Vibrational Antidotes to Difficult Emotions for Greater Resilience & Vitality.

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During this healing hour, you’ll:

  • Discover the importance of your electric health in boosting your immunity, mood, and overall wellbeing
  • Learn the keys to becoming an emotional alchemist, transmuting difficult feelings and bringing more harmony, resilience, and playfulness into your life
  • Discover how sound healing can help you tune in to where your body holds difficult emotions and harmonize those vibrational energies to liberate the healing positive emotions beneath
  • Discover your bone health as core to your vitality — and what happens to your skeletal system when you’re afraid 
  • Experience a tuning fork sound treatment to feel your bones, libratate the fear they hold, and uncover the antidote of greater awareness and trust beneath
  • Experience a guided meditation with tuning fork treatment for a deep presencing of what it feels like to be yourself — separate from your busy mind 

As Eileen teaches, we hold the chaotic energies and vibrational dissonance of our heavy emotions throughout our body.

And as you’ll discover, this proven sound-healing modality actually harmonizes the optimal flow of your electromagnetic energy, enhancing your immunity and promoting an overall state of wellbeing.

If you’ve ever experienced Eileen’s virtual biofield tunings, you know that they also feel really good, generally providing a soothing state of relaxation and calm…

It’s free, but you must register here to receive access details:

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