How do Biofield Tuning forks work for healing?

Biofield Tuning is a therapeutic mode of detecting and recovering distortions and imbalances in the biofield using tuning forks. The tuning forks are used for their ability to detect incoherent waves as they are passed through the biofield. The tuning forks detect the disturbances in the human biofield. In order to discover and heal the body from disparities, the biofield practitioners carry out a Biofield Tuning session in which the client lies fully clothed on a treatment table. During a session the practitioner uses tuning forks to scan the body slowly from a distance. The practitioner notices the resistance and turbulence in the person’s energy field via changes in overtones and undertones of the tuning fork. If the practitioner feels any turbulence in the client’s energy field, they continue to activate the tuning fork in that specific spot. The coherent frequency of the forks tonify the body’s organizational energy and thus the dissonance resolves, allowing the chakra to be realigned and reset.

Biofield tuning helps treat migraine, tension, anxiety, PTSD, pain, digestive disorders and many other health challenges. The areas of dissonance which the practitioner locates are correlated to a specific age. If the activated tuning fork is used in the area of a traumatic memory or a difficult time period, staying with that area and striking the fork repeatedly in that spot adjusts the body’s harmony to its setting before the trauma took place. The resonant sound of tuning forks helps the patient to digest and integrate unprocessed experiences.  As the tangled energetic dissonances subside, the client feels much lighter. This method could be called nervous system biofeedback or “consciousness hacking”, a side door entry into the psyche of the human mind. Some conditions respond to Biofield Tuning very well while others are slightly less helpful. Outcomes are strongly influenced by the intention of both the client and the practitioner. This healing treatment is not advised for the individuals who are extremely ill as it may create a strong healing response in the system which can be unsafe.

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