North Forks Pro Tip

If you’re wondering why you would ever need to put an end on a tuning fork, you’re not alone. Many people think of the forks as all about the sound they make. For sure there’s a sound component to the therapeutic use of tuning forks, but with the weighted forks – there’s so much more!

The weighted forks do have a sound, but the tones are generally lower. Some people don’t hear them at all. Even without being able to hear them, the vibration the forks create when activated is where the magic is found. We have noticed through the use of these forks that we can actually move energy within the body, especially when the fork is placed on the body. The handle of the tuning fork is small and can’t achieve the same effect as the fork augmented with our North Forks Pro Tip handle. Attaching the Pro Tip is simple and quick and it comes with the perfect size of wrench to turn the bolt that securely holds it in place.

So what we noticed is that with the handle, you can press deeply (based on the comfort of the subject) and direct the vibration through skin and muscle, all the way through to the underlying organs (in some cases). This is not intended as a medical treatment, and it’s no substitute for surgical procedures or physical therapy, but vibration in general helps us release tightness and stagnation which the human body is prone to.

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