North Forks Tuning Fork (S-12)

If you were stranded on a desert island and had only one weighted fork, you’d want to have your North Forks S-12. Resonating a frequency of 93.9hz, this fork can be used for sending a deep vibration into muscles, tendons, bones and other connective tissue, or for scouring turbulence found outside the body in the ‘human biofield’ or energetic envelope around you.

These forks are machined from 6061 aluminum, and are light and easy to use. Tips for activation can be found on our YouTube channel.

You’ll see lots of tuning forks for sale, but the North Forks Earth, Heart, S-7, S-8, and S-12 are of the highest quality available and assembled in Canada. We have taken extreme care to bring you forks that are designed for therapeutic use, and the handles fit perfectly with our North Forks Pro Tip stainless steel handle.

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