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After our events, the tuners collective got very excited about Biofield Tuning growing in Canada. What we felt was the biggest prohibiting factor to expansion was the cost of the tools. 

We noticed that the product sold in USD, with shipping also calculated in USD, and paying the exchange rate premium on top of the 15% duty to bring it across the border, meant we were paying sometimes as much as double the USD prices when converted to CAD. Our group felt there had to be a way to get some relief in cost, especially if we were willing to invest in inventory and get a small concession in price for doing so. We felt there had to be a way. Otherwise, the cost factor was going to slow the growth momentum and limit fork sales to higher net worth individuals.

We tried contacting Biofield Tuning with a large order. We asked for a discount on the full retail unit price being charged to practitioners and consumers alike. We were disappointed that their answer was no. They were not willing to negotiate.

The search began for a tuning fork producer who worked with aluminum and stainless steel, could hold a tight tolerance, and had a reputation for making consistently high quality products from certified materials. I would have liked to keep the manufacturing in Canada, but was not able to find a source that could generate the part drawings, work in small batches and not charge more than we were already paying from Biofield Tuning. Since lower prices was a high priority, an exploration into all corners of the world started. Prototypes were made by an Chinese supplier. The samples were completely amazing looking. It would have made sense from a cost perspective, but in the end it didn’t make sense to import Chinese forks with all that was going on between Canada and China in 2021.

Returning to the idea of domestic manufacturing, and recalling my experience with parts manufacturing in the bike industry, a supplier I’d worked with before came to mind. I contacted Paragon Machine, in Richmond California, and they were interested in the design and manufacturing work. While they prefer larger quantities, they were capable of doing smaller batches so that the initial order was cost prohibitive. They suggested some simple finishing upgrades to the product most of us were using, and we agreed on a first order. 

I’ve heard the phrase ‘evolve or die’. In our case it would be more accurate to say be flexible or it might not start. We’re happy with how the North Forks brand is working in our treatment rooms and creating positive client experiences. We think you’ll feel the same.

- Jane Hayes
Biofield Toronto Founder

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