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Dale McKay

I began my healing journey using subtle energy and sound in 2003. As a Reiki Practitioner, I began experimenting with tuning forks and other modalities. After discovering Biofield Tuning, I had the good fortune to study with the founder, Eileen Day McKusick, and have been a certified practitioner since 2016.

We all see life through the filter of our old stories. If those stories were difficult or painful, they can overwhelm our present and obscure our way forward. In my practice, I have had success dealing with physical pain, trauma, emotional & mental stresses, which are stored in our energy field blocking personal growth. I am able to clear these blocks and restore balance to the client’s field, increasing health and well being. I offer both in person and remote sessions.


  • Modalities

    Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner Reiki Master/Teacher Emotional Freedom Technique Akashic Record Consultant Child and Youth Worker

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