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Danielle Crampsie

Danielle Crampsie is passionate about sound and its ability to transform people's life's. She is a certified biofield tuning practitioner, ThetaHealer, RYT yoga teacher, artist and world traveller who believes the key to a healthy life is to keep the body and mind relaxed and the nervous system balanced. Using the sounds and vibrations of the tuning forks she helps individuals release stress, let go of tension, relive pain and restore balance in their bodies. She has received her sound training directly from the following masters: Biofield Tuning founder Eileen McKusick, Biosonics creator Dr. John Beaulieu , Fabian Maman founder of the Tama-Do Academy of Colour, Light and Sound , Theresa Lee of the Acutonics community and Silva Nakkach, creator of Yoga of the voice. She currently practices out of the Institute for Traditional Medicine and can be found teaching sound healing techniques in Toronto and around the world through her travels.


  • Modalities

    Certified Biofield Tuner, Certified Theta Healer, Certified RYT - 200 Yoga Teacher, Biosonics Tuning Fork Practitioner (trained with John Beaulieu) Acutonics Planetary Tuning Forks Practitioner (Level 1&2), Yoga of the Voice Practitioner

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