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Jane Hayes R.Ac.

Originally trained in music, I'm no stranger to the healing power of sound. For 30 years I crafted my saxophone playing in just such a way that an audience would experience the soul of the music, and in doing so get more connected to their own soulful side. I still seek to find the perfect combination of voice and accompaniment, through which I fill a room with light and love, expanding our senses and holding, even if just for a moment, in the exact way which heals us.

After receiving my MBA and MSA from Northeastern University I applied my new fascination to the workplace. Initially, I could only see the abuses and dysfunction that seem so common in the modern workplace. Try as I did to create improvement within those relationships and projects, creating the changes in businesses with a history was more difficult than I expected. That made me want to focus on the individual level, so I cultivated and crafted a set of skills that now allows me to help in a meaningful and lasting way.

Knowing what my clients need in the moment is a specialty of mine. I offer Acupuncture, Biofield Tuning, and MPS Therapy as primary tools to help keep my community of clients healthy and balanced. I use these therapeutic tools in combination for effects you wouldn’t get by my using one method alone. In this way, thinking outside the box really pays off. My Chinese medicine training gives me a very specialized diagnostic ability. I further apply my understanding of the energetic qualities of food and the importance of lifestyle and mindset to advise and guide my clients.

Two West Toronto Locations:
2826 Dundas St W (at Keele)
18 Page Ave (near Jane and Dundas W)


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    Acupuncture Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner MPS Therapy

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