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Paul Charuk
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Paul Charuk

Paul began practicing Biofield Tuning and Hypnotism in 2019, however his personal journey in healing the emotional body and subconscious mind began several years earlier. When we become stuck in our habits, beliefs, trauma and story, we prevent ourselves from achieving our goals and moving forward. Through the power of sound and hypnosis it is possible to clear these old patterns, become unstuck and begin to achieve the balance in our mind, body and spirit that allows us to live an authentic and unhindered life. Using hypnosis Paul has helped his clients to quit smoking, address stress, develop relaxation skills, and achieve goals. Through Biofield Tuning Paul has helped his clients resolve the energetic effects of deep-rooted trauma, such as sexual abuse, toxic family situations, limiting belief systems, and clearing the blocks that prevent the expression of personal truth. Paul is dedicated to helping his clients overcome their past, live their authentic life in the present, and achieve future goals through the powerful and effective modalities of Biofield Tuning and Hypnosis.


Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner Certified Consulting Hypnotist


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