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Snappy Homefry

I am a self-acclaimed sound alchemist who believes in the power of sound and music to shape our consciousness, activate our heart, nourish our spirit and bring us closer to ourselves. With three decades of musical exploration as a multi-instrumentalist, mixing & mastering engineer and owner/operator of Playhouse Studio in Toronto, Ontario, I am proud to expand my sonic tool kit with the clear intention of promoting healing through Biofield Tuning.

Practicing since 2018, my gifts speak through the lens of music and frequency. My ambition with the Biofield Tuning modality is to restore balance to the emotional and energetic bodies while promoting more harmony where it is needed. I love nourishing the spark that alights within the spirit of others with the discovery that we are made of frequency.

Through sharing Biofield, I support the awareness of finding the harmony within ourselves, so that we can feel the music we truly are. Offerings are within my cozy home at Queen and Parliament.

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