Featured Biofield Practitioner

Melissa Barron

Location: North York, ON   |   Stirling, ON

Melissa Barron

This work is really a calling for me. Spending many years looking for a modality that would help heal my own traumas, finding Biofield Tuning was like finding the missing puzzle piece. As a life long intuitive empath, my gifts helps me to tune into a clients energetic state. I then use acoustic sound to essentially read the tracks of their lives. My areas of special interest are adolescents struggle with addiction, children on the spectrum and horses (Yes! Biofield Tuning works on animals as well).

energy waves healing a person

I believe that when you heal yourself of past traumas and generation patterns, you also heal those around you. This is very powerful work and it is always an honour to be invited into someone else’s energetic field.


Working Hours

Monday – Friday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday Closed

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