Featured Biofield Practitioner

Valerie Midanik

Location: Schomberg, ON

Valerie Midanik

I work with energy and sound and invite the body to relax, balance and align bringing the body to its innate, natural state of wellness. Working with biofield tuning and vibration combined with other healing modalities to release resistance in the body and invite the nervous system to relax and expand. The cells respond to sound and energetic flow creating space physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically within the body to receive in pure allowance with ease. The body will have the opportunity to release pain, trauma, stress and and dissolve limiting beliefs.As well as working with people, I also tune and energetically work with animals. I am dedicated and in service to the earth and humanity. I am passionate and active in many groups facilitating, uplifting and actively holding space for wellness and compassion on this planet.

Biofield Toronto - Biofield Tuning Session

Be the eternal observer and conscious creator from a space of love! Consciousness includes everything and judges nothing! Compassionate Action! Remember who you Are….


Working Hours

Monday – Friday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Weeknights (After 6pm) Flexible
Saturday & Sunday Flexible
Remote and Zoom Appointments Flexible
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