North Forks Energy Flow Set 93.96 hz


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When combined, the Energy Flow Duo provides a holistic approach to wellness. We invite you to spend the time getting to know the effect of this powerful pair on your relaxation state. The Lightning Rod’s precision and the S-12 tuning fork’s harmonious resonance create a unique therapeutic experience. Consider integrating the Energy Flow Duo into your daily self-care routine.


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Introducing the Energy Flow Set: Elevate Your Well-Being

Experience the remarkable synergy of the Energy Flow Set, currently 15% off! This set features a dynamic pairing of the Lightning Rod, S-12 tuning fork and our Activator Puck. This powerful combination is designed to help you achieve a state of holistic well-being by harmonizing your body’s energies and promoting profound relaxation.

Key Features:

  1. Lightning Rod: The Lightning Rod, with its activating frequency, allows you to pinpoint and release deeply rooted disturbances in your energy field. It’s an invaluable tool for addressing issues such as childhood traumas and traumatic memories. And it also helps restore energetic balance.
  2. S-12 Tuning Fork: The S-12 tuning fork resonates at a frequency derived from the Schumann Fundamental Resonance, multiplied by the number 12. Its harmonious vibrations penetrate deep into your body, promoting healing, relaxation, and balance.

Experience the Transformation:

When used together, the Energy Flow Set provides a holistic approach to wellness. The Lightning Rod’s precision and the S-12 tuning fork’s harmonious resonance create a unique therapeutic experience. This potent pair can be seamlessly integrated into your daily self-care routine.

Discover the power of sound therapy and energy healing with the Energy Flow Set. Whether you seek relief from stress, emotional blockages, or simply desire a deeper sense of relaxation, this duo is here to take up the task.

Unlock your potential for balance, vitality, and inner harmony with the Energy Flow Set. Embrace the journey to a healthier, happier you, and experience the profound benefits of this dynamic combination.

How they're made

North Forks are manufactured in the US from the highest quality available 6061 Aluminum.
After machining, they are gently tumbled to achieve a durable and beautiful patina finish.
Weighted forks are assembled in Canada by West Toronto Health.
Our Pro Tip handles are manufactured in the US from the highest quality available 303 Stainless Steel.

Fork Activation

For information on how to activate North Forks Tuning Forks, check out our YouTube channel here:

4 reviews for North Forks Energy Flow Set 93.96 hz

  1. Catherine

    What a great combination and price. I see the sonic slider videos and couldn’t access this product affordably until now. I’ll be back for more before the holiday season. 🙂

  2. Viviane

    This is such a soothing frequency. And the handle has a great feel and makes it all that much easier to use. I’ve loaned it to a friend and not sure when I’ll be getting it back.

    • Jane Hayes

      Thank you for your comment!

  3. Valerie

    I have been using the sonic slider (S-12) with the long extended handle for remote sessions on meridian points and specific points on the ribs. I am using it on my own body regularly and I have used it while tuning some dogs! The long thin handle is so easy to use and feels lighter which is great for long sessions. I love using it in combination with all of my forks. I highly recommend this fork! I have gifted this fork to a few friends and they all love it!

    • Jane Hayes

      Thank you for your comments, Valerie!

  4. Esther

    I am really impressed with this ( S-12) fork . I used it without the extension for a period of time before adding the extension. Well, what a game changer that is; the extension is light and feels great on my face, and neck a must-have in my toolbox.

    • Jane Hayes

      Thank you Esther!

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