North Forks Essential Minimum Collection 93.96Hz

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If you’re ready to start your Tuning Fork journey, but shopping on a budget, I highly recommend this combination for both the field around the subject you are tuning and for deep on the body relaxing pulsations.

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Just our Most Popular s-12 Weighted Fork, Lightning Rod Extender, and a couple of their Friends


Ever since we launched our Lightning Rod Fork Handle Extender, these two products have been inseparable. They simply make sense and very attractive vibrations together. Or maybe, when combined, they bring the forks vibrating power to places deep within the body which may benefit.

Included Products:

North Forks S-12 Weighted Tuning ForkNorth Forks LightningRodBiofield Toronto Himalayan Pink Sea SaltNorth Forks Hockey Puck Activator

Weight 1.115 kg
Dimensions 36 × 11 × 11 cm


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