North Forks Ground and Restore Collection #1 (with 62.64Hz)

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Any time you have a few minutes you can find a way to use this set. Whether you seek to alleviate stress, restore balance, or improve your overall vitality, this handy collection supports that journey.

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Use Tuning Fork Vibrations to Enhance Next Level Grounding


Our super special North Forks lower frequencies Weighted Forks are really good at slowing down an active mind and helping to remind the body about rest and digest. With the added support of the North Forks ProTip Handle: activate the fork gently on a semi soft surface and place the ProTip on the bottom of the foot for a great calming before bed process.

The collection also features the incredibly useful North Forks S-12 and its companion handle the North Forks LightningRod. This combination is great at getting deep into the crevices around the spinal column, between the bones of the forearm, or slided along the intercostal spaces between the ribs.

The third fork is the frequency 174hz North Forks Earth Fork, which power the Biofield Tuning process and allows for any space, object, or food to be energetically cleared just by sound and your intention.

Included Products:

North Forks S-8 Weighted Tuning Fork, North Forks S-12 Weighted Tuning Fork, North Forks ProTip, North Forks LightningRod, North Forks EARTH Fork, Biofield Toronto Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, North Forks Hockey Puck Activator

Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 36 × 11 × 11 cm


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