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The perfect easy to attach handle for North Forks weighted forks as they apply directly to body tissue including muscles, tendons, and bones. Fits securely on the stem of the North Forks S-series S-12 S-7 and S-8 forks.

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Designed to work with the weighted North Forks models, the North Forks Pro Tip gives you a fixture for the handle of the forks that feels better when using the forks for more than a few minutes. When placed on the skin, the handle shape transfers the vibration deeply into the underlying meridians, bones, muscles, and other connective tissue. The result is a deeply relaxing vibration which does not require electrical current or an ultrasound machine!

For easy attachment to any North Forks tuning fork, the ProTip is designed with a simple set screw.

The kit includes an allen key (wrench) for easy on and off.

Please note: this is a custom handle for the North Forks Tuning forks. The inside diameter is 8mm. Its fit with other tuning forks is not guaranteed.

Weight 0.196 kg
Dimensions 36 × 20 × 2 cm


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