North Forks S-8 (62.64 Hz) Kit



Representing a multiple of the Schumann Fundamental Resonance and the number 8, this 62.64 hz fork’s vibration conjures up a spirituality for earthlings that feels comforting and whole.

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Sounding a deep and penetrating tone of 62.64hz, it pairs like a sibling with our North Forks S-7. When a point in the energetic field contains incoherent energy, we will use this fork, sometimes combined with a Lemurian crystal, to move particularly stuck areas and restore the balance the client is seeking. In self care the S-8 is useful for abdominal pains after eating and intestinal motility challenges, ideally combined with the North Forks Pro Tip. This fork is weighted and both its vibration and tone are therapeutically useful.

This versatile fork can placed directly on the body, over the sternum or above any organ system or chakra that feels deficient. Again we often combine it with a Lemurian crystal, which is known to increase the penetration of the fork’s vibration, allowing it to impact areas deeper into the body.

Activation of this fork can be done in a few different ways. Our North Forks signature hockey puck is a great option for getting a long life out of the fork and the side of your knee. However a gentle tap on the side of the knee, the bottom of a rubber sole shoe, or on any surface that is soft enough to not make a sound when it’s struck by the fork is also possible. If you can hear the strike on a surface, that’s a sign that you should look for something more like a hard rubber hockey puck to activate the fork. Check out our fork activation videos here.

Weight .426 kg
Dimensions 36 × 2 × 20 cm
Frequency Notes

Depending on the device you are using to measure frequency, please note that the variance our manufacturer uses is to +/- 1% of target on unweighted forks. On weighted forks, the pitches produced while the fork is vibrating will naturally vary widely, due to the nature of these lower frequency forks. Temperature (metal expands with temperature) and atmospheric pressure (acoustic coupling is strongly influenced by air pressure) also impacts frequency.

Fork Activation

For information on how to activate North Forks Tuning Forks, check out our YouTube channel here:


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