Biofield Tuning Toronto at Whole Life Expo 2019

Team Biofield Toronto Formation

Photo:  Team Biofield Toronto hits the Whole Life Expo hard. The $20 chair session was hard to beat!  A constant flow of radiant, refreshed, and glowing people getting treated and relieved. We brought light and a lot of good conversation to the show today.

I’m sure some readers are unfamiliar with Biofield Tuning, but if so maybe this is the year that changes. Since July 2018, when the Eileen McKusick and her fellow instructors came to Toronto and taught the first foundations course here, it was clear that both the method and the community that instantly formed around it was a big deal. 5 of the practitioners who would eventually form Biofield Toronto and myself met at this foundations training. Eileen introduced most of us to Dale McKay, a rightful legend in sound healing with a long standing practice in Orillia Ontario. 

During the foundations training, we sat in a circle, were shown demos, each had a chance to get private coaching in front of the other attendees, and most of us were surprised at our ability to bring stuff up with the practice bodies (eachother) even though we were doing it for the first time. The watchful eye of Eileen and the other instructors really gave us confidence in our ability to find the energetic tangles within a field and use the tools at hand to resolve them. We also learned the process step by step, and came away from the training with many emotions and the joy and satisfaction that comes with accomplishment. To be completely honest, I went into the training wondering if I even had the sensitivity to feel when a tangle arose in someone’s field but I’ve come to believe it’s in all of us and just the right training is all that’s needed to call it a skill. Needless to say we were all completely taken by what we learned. The foundations course gave us invaluable insight into how the technology works and how to help people using the Biofield Tuning method.

One of the most exciting aspects was the varied backgrounds of the people that came to the training. There were Reiki healers, RMTs, Acupuncturists, and representatives of nearly all the complementary therapies to healthcare.

After the training some group emails floated around and were able to share email addresses and keep communication going while we all needed practice and Dale graciously offered to host a practice day where we could both get caught up on our practices needed for practitioner training and share insights with each other which come from treating people who understand the method. While Dale was already a registered practitioner, the rest of us had plans to take the practitioner training and were fired up to start practicing Biofield Tuning here in the greater Toronto area. One of the things we talked about was using event to spread the word about the method and to meet and gain clients from which we would build our practices. Dale mentioned that she had done events in the past and offered chair sessions as a way to engage and give a taste of the method to introduce them to working with tuning forks. 

We quickly struck up a plan to get a booth and offer chair sessions at the Total Health show in April 2019, which was a great event and our booth was very well attended. We met new people, gave them a taste of Biofield Tuning and passed out thousands of postcards and business cards. This inspired us to create the website and establish a directory for Toronto area practitioners. 

Our success at Total Health gave us momentum to do a second show in November 2019, the Whole Life Expo. During this event we met many people who had read Eileen’s book and some who were new to Biofield Tuning, but we had so many people wanting chair sessions that at times we needed to ask them to try again the next day. We learned that we always need a spare person not doing tunings so that we can manage the flow and talk about the method with the attendees. Although we were busier than expected, by all measures it was a great show. 

If you have not tried Biofield Tuning, find a practitioner at our website, or if you are outside Toronto the full listing of practitioners worldwide can be found at

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