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Vaughan, with a staggering population of 306,233, is the 17th largest city in Canada. It has one of the highest business growth rates in the country and is home to companies like Adidas Canada, GFL Environmental etc. With such high economic growth rates and a fierce competition in the market, the people living in Vaughan must work tirelessly to maintain a stable life. Working day in and day out puts a strain on peopleu2019s health. The constant stress from working 24/7 drains the energy and has adverse effects on the mind and body of an individual.

To deal with the stresses of demanding modern life consider Biofield Tuning, a non-medicinal therapeutic procedure in which the practitioner uses the sound waves produced from a tuning fork to help calm down mind and relax the body. Research has proven the profound effects of the treatment and how it can improve all sorts of bodily issues, both mental and physical. Biofield Tuning works on the bodyu2019s energetic balancing system, using tuning forks to find incoherent tangles in the biofield, and then using that same for and others to comb though and fix the eruptions that have come to reside in the biofield over the clientu2019s life history. Specifically when a disturbance is located, the practitioner can feel and sometimes hear the way the sound vibration changes. The fork is struck continuously until the disturbance is harmonized and the sound then becomes brighter. Biofield Tuning has gained popularity among people as it brings almost instant relaxation, soothes inner turmoil, and has the ability to strengthen the immune system to fight illnesses. Clinically it has also proven to be beneficial in treating depression, anxiety, stress and helping clients to live more healthfully.

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