What is Biofield Tuning?

Biofield tuning is a non-medical therapeutic method which uses sound waves produced from a tuning fork to soothe the mind and body. The human Biofield is the space which surrounds the body about as large as the limbs are long, and about 18” above the head and below the feet. During a therapeutic session, the vibrations of the tuning fork increase the flow of energy and remove the blocks in your biofield. The tuning fork expresses change in its vibration when it encounters a disturbance while in the absence of the disturbance the sound becomes clear and bright. It can help to treat depression, stress, anxiety, emotional issues, and nervous system challenges such as recovery from chronic lyme disease. It targets the root of the illness at the nervous system level and unblocks the physical and emotional dysfunctions.

Tuning forks used in Biofield Tuning Therapy identify and highlight the disturbances in our biofield. These disturbances can reflect the physical and emotional stress one experiences in life. This method of healing works by matching the frequency of waves emitted by our body and the ones emitted by the tuning fork. Our body’s energetic waves change their pattern when we are emotionally or physically upset. The vibrations produced by the tuning fork interact with the disturbances in the biofield. Our body responds to these vibrations and relaxes the tension in the surrounding field and our body. The relaxation brings peace to your mind and body and reduces your stress.

Biofield Tuning is rapidly gaining attention and is becoming the talk of the town with its miraculous healing ability. Toronto being a metropolitan city has a huge population and a great number of people living in Toronto feel distressed because of the hectic life. Biofield Tuning Toronto helps people overcome the stress and live a peaceful life.

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