Frequently Asked Questions about North Forks vs Biofield Tuning Products

To answer that let’s highlight the differences.
They are marked with NORTH FORKS, rather than BIOFIELD TUNING. The model names are different, but the same frequencies. The finish is a gentle patina made from the final manufacturing step of tumbling them in material, whereas the original forks are not. We do this because it leaves a more durable finish, less prone to incidental marking through wear and tear.

The frequencies are the same. The aluminum from which they are made is the same. They’re made in California and I’m not sure where the original forks are made.

They do.
I’ve been using them since 2022 during 100+ client treatments and I have noticed no difference in their therapeutic strength. I have not tried other forks in other frequencies, but since the work resides quite a bit within the practitioner’s intention, it would not surprise me if other forks would work as well.

The frequencies are not proprietary, but commonly used in our training and our treatments. Since no one can trademark a frequency, we certainly could have used the frequencies as model names but we wanted to avoid confusion, so made them different. The sounds they make (as measured by an oscilloscope) vary during their activation, because the fork legs actually move quite randomly during activation.

The Schumann resonance, known as the global electromagnetic resonance, is sometimes simply called the earth’s resonance.
The ELF or extremely low frequencies is estimated to be around 7.83hz although it’s also known to vary. The less audible forks we use in the process of moving energy during a tuning session are based on frequencies that are multiples of 7.83hz.

Our forks called S-7, S-8 and S-12 are simply the 7.83 multiplied by those identifying numbers.
Our more audible forks model names EARTH for 174 and HEART for 528 are names chosen as symbols of their use; the earth being the primary tool of the tuning process, and the Heart being the final tool used in the session.

174hz happens to be a product of 22.22 (repeating infinitely) times the Schumann resonance and 528hz is sometimes known as the frequency of love.

I’m always thinking about products that can enhance the user experience of the forks. We are researching what makes the most sense as a next new product, and seeking ways of bringing high quality but affordable products to our market. We currently are planning to release a longer extension handle in September 2023.

North Forks has a similar fork called the S-12 which has the same frequency and style as the sonic slider. Used with the North Forks Pro Tip handle you can do almost everything that is shown in Sonic Slider videos.

Yes absolutely. The North Forks Earth and North Forks Heart forks require a hard but flexible object to activate then, like our North Forks Hockey Puck Activator. For the North Forks S-12, North Forks S-7, North Forks S-8, having an activator is optional. Those can be activated with a gentle tap on the heel of the opposite hand, side of the leg, or with a match strike motion on the textured side of the North Forks Hockey Puck Activator.

Holding the fork loosely enough for it to move, but not too loose so you can hand onto it, you would bounce it off the rim between the round top and the side of the North Forks Hockey Puck Activator. It has to strike firmly but briefly, because too long of a contact will dampen the fork’s vibration.

Yes and no. During a treatment we often let the fork sound ‘decay’ naturally, particularly if we are taking a disruption out of the client’s field. If we’re trying to add energy or tonify an area of the field or body, we instead will want a constant sound. In that case we allow some sound to decay, then we quickly dampen it against our clothing, then quickly reactivate the fork again.

Actually they don’t. In fact in our training, we are discouraged to think in terms of healing, and never promise specific health outcomes because that’s usually a sore point with more medical regulatory bodies. That being said, we do sometimes see improvement in health situations after a treatment at least in part because calming the nervous system allows for healing to happen.
In practitioner training, there are very specific forks used in certain parts of the sequence that we learn. However improvising is strongly encouraged because every client is individual and what works for one would not necessarily work for another. Our most all purpose forks which would cover most situations would be the North Forks Earth and the North Forks S-12 combined with the North Forks Hockey Puck Activator

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